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If you are feeling stressed, out of balance, or recovering from an illness or surgery, consider a one hour energy healing session. Our therapist, Mary Marshal uses a combination of Reiki and Esoteric Healing to sooth and balance your energy field. Balancing your energy field helps your body to heal itself.

A energy field surrounds and permeates all living beings. It is the scaffolding for the structure of our physical body. Though training, a energy healer learns to recognize areas that are weak or congested within the energy field, and by use of various balancing techniques, can bring clients energy field to a more flowing, healthy state.

An experienced energy healer and teacher, Mary has learned to sensitize her hands and inner perception to examine the energy field in detail and depth in order to find alterations in the flow. She works at variable distances form the body to balance this field promoting natural healing and stress reduction.

Although each of the techniques she uses is unique, they each bring balance to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. During each session, the client is fully clothed and asked to close their eyes and relax. Working in the energy field often produces an effect of deep relaxation. Some clients feel nothing, others will feel movement. Sometimes the effect is not observed until a little later. The time delay may be an hour or so, or even up to three days.

Possible benefits include:

Stress reduction
Improvement in sleep quality
Assists in releasing mental and emotional blocks
Promotes natural healing and could speed recovery time and reduce the need for medicine.

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